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Folk art is an oral history on canvass, representing regional history, culture, memories and the every day life of a local population. Key West is blessed with a unique cultural diversity of Bahamians, Cubans and native Key Westers, called Conchs. This ethnic diversity creates a kaleidoscope of images recorded by Key West folk artists, views of the past and present which makes Key West culture come alive. Previously, this art was delegated to the walls of a few local collectors, unavailable to the public. Now, however, thanks to high quality computer enhanced resolution, we can offer excellent quality digital prints indistinguishable from the original art.
Also referred to as “Outsider Art”, or “Tribal Art”, Folk Art represents a particular regions’ cultural legacy. It is recorded through sculpture, paintings, legends, myths, or any expressions of emotions, memories and feelings of a local populace.
Key West’s folk art is recognized for its diverse record of the island’s culturally diverse people and the surrounding tropical environment of Florida’s southernmost community.

Annette Renee

Chod Stein


Gretchan Williams

Mario Sanchez

Olga Montsalvas

Papito Suarez