The Art of Chod Stein

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1951, Chod Stine was raised in Baltimore, Ohio, where he worked as a commercial artist, drawing illustrations for the Fairfield county newspaper when he was 12 years old. Chod continued developing his artistic talents, sculpturing in fiberglass, latex, acrylics, wood, painting in every medium, and today he is renown as a Key West folk artist.
Chod’s public art is appreciate throughout Key West. He has captured Key West history, passion and presence in his work. Traveling back in time with his painting of “Key West coconuts”, “The Honeyboys”, “Cuba”, “Hemingway”, “IX.I.I.”, “Boys with spanish limes”, “Tony Barcelo”, and “Mr. King”.

Chod Stine has been a professional artist for more than 30 years. His collectors are international. He is both a painter and a sculptor. His style is vast and various, ranging from classic portraiture, to photo realism, to abstract expressionism.

Chod currently lives in Key West, Florida where his art can be seen almost everywhere, in banks, public buildings, murals, city transit busses, art galleries and cigar shops.